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Tasks of the center

1- Provision of technical infrastructure for helping students, staff, and employees to do their duties. This is done by computerizing the educational, academic, administrative, and productive procedures of the university.
2. Fighting illiteracy of using computers in addition to educating cadres in the university and the institutions of the government to improve the quantity and quality of their productive ability.
3. Highlighting the administrative and consultative role of the educational institution ( the university) and bringing out the importance of internet and networking for supporting students, employees, and staff.

4. Improving the abilities of the center and as a consequence the university. This improvement is accomplished by getting international training certificates ( certified certificates) for mutual exchange of skills, and expertise with the advanced computer centers.

Duties of the center


1-Approaching the centers and colleges of the university to understand the nature of their administrative and scientific duties.
2- Following up the completed programs starting from the programing stage until finishing and delivering them to the beneficiaries.

Second :

1- Holding sessions for the employees of the university ( cadre and teaching staff) to employ computers in the academic and administrative duties..
2- Holding specialized and preparation sessions in informational technology for students applying on after-graduate studies.
3- Holding sessions in database.
4- Granting locally and internationally certified certificates as one of the requirements of scientific promotions.

Third :

1-Giving technical consultancies in the field of computers, networking, and internet services for the employees of the university and other government institutions.
2-Provision of educational and programing software and encourage the employees to have them. Teaching them how to protect their data when using the internet.


1-Holding sessions and grand internationally certified certificates like IC3 and CISCO.
2-The participation in the international sessions needed by the center and have international certificates.