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Printing, and artistic design division


This division uses the programs and potentials of computers to print and serve the beneficiaries. Reinforcing the possibilities of the computers in printing and designing.

Units artistic designs and Electronic Printing Division

1. Printing unit and electronic typesetting.
2. Unit functional designs

Tasks of printing and typing 1- Documenting the activities of the university and colleges, conferences and seminars held in the campus..
2- Providing consultancies in the field of printing

Duties of printing and typing unit Task (1)
1- Typing and printing all the publication issued from the university of Babylon like ( university guide, illumines guide, curriculums guide). Also printing the book of meeting conferences of the university. The unit also responsible about printing the summaries of the researches, and the journal of the university of Babylon.
2- Printing reports about the activities of the universities s of Babylon.

1- Holding sessions in the field of printing and typing for the employees of the university.
2- Giving consultancies in typing for the divisions of the university.

Duties of artistic designs unit 1- Designing logos, ID's and badges.
2- Designing advertisements.
3- Designing certificates..
4- Designing invitations.
5. Design systems and interfaces.