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Units of programing and databases division


This unit prepare the computers of the university and make sure they work efficiently. Preparing a suitable work environment for networking tasks and provide consultancies in this field.

Units maintenance of computers and networks Division

1. Unit maintenance of computers and software.
2. Unit maintenance and installation of networks

Tasks of programs and maintenance unit1- Maintenance of computers and their accessories. .
2- Providing the needs to the preparation of computers to work properly, and providing consultancies services..

Duties of the unit Duty (1)
1- Maintenance of computers, accessories, ups, printers, and screens that belong to the presidency and colleges.
2- Installing programs and all the accessories of the computers..

Duty (2)
1- Preparing and copying programs.
2- Following up the updates of programs needed in the work of the university. Also keep base with the latest developments in the field of computers.
3- Holding sessions about using computers professionally..
4- Giving technical consultancies..

Duty (3)
1- Coordinating with the units and divisions for completing the work..
2- Maintenance, and documenting programing tasks..
3- Determination of time limits and programmers for designing a program.
4- Holding meetings between the analyzer and the beneficiary parties..
5- Delivering the final decisions to the programmer).