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iso quality analysis

وحدات شعبة الانظمة وقواعد البيانات

Units 1- Database and programs analysis
2- Programming and database unit

Duties of programs analysis 1- Knowing the fields that need computerization and supervise the tasks connected with informational technology..
2- Studying in operation programs to determine the needs of further programs.
3- Coordinating tasks between the beneficiaries and the cadre of both the unit of programs analysis and the unit of programming and databases. .

tasks of programs analysis unit task (1)
1- Provide colleges and departments with needed programs.
2- Suggesting programs, and accepting suggestion about programing.
3- Supervising the designed programs from other departments..

task (2)
1- Analyzing the needs for a program by knowing the point of view of both the user and analyzer.
2- discussing the needs for designing a program ( input).
3- Agree on the type of output.
4- Filtering the requirements starting from the fundamentals to the details .
5- 5- Designing a prototype for the program.

task (3)
1- Cooperating with the units and divisions to design a program.
2- Maintenance of computers and documenting programing tasks.
3- Determining the time needed to designing a program, and the number of programmers needed for the job.
4- Holding meetings between the analyzer and the beneficiaries to discuss the program.
5- 5- Delivering the final results to the programmer).

Tasks of programing and databases unit 1- Identifying the requirements of a design like cadre, suitable environment, atc..
2- Following up accomplished programs administratively..
3- Organizing the work of networking, and rehabilitation of cadres in the academic institutions.

Tasks of programing and database unit Task (1)
1- Receiving the output from the programs analyzer and give them to the suitable cadre..
2- Choosing the suitable programing language and determine the time needed for finishing the design.

Task (1)
1- Deciding the validity of a certain program for work.
2- Following up the performance of designed programs after delivering them.
3- After testing the program, the beneficiaries ask the unit to do any adjustment if needed..