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the Name Address Employment Academic achievement
Ahmed Ali HusseinAssistant teacherDoctor
Amna Attia DawoodteacherMaster Of Computer
Howrah Adel NuriAssistant teacher Master Of Computer
Mahmoud Shaker HamoudiAssistant teacherMaster Of Computer
Makarim Jawad Abbasolder engineerBachelor of control and systems engineering
Muhammad GhadbanM. engineerBachelor of Communication Engineering
Wafa Salal AbboudM.r. ProgrammersBachelor of Computer
Wael Abbas HtunM.r. ProgrammersBachelor of Computer
Blaisem Allawi Hussein older ProgrammerBachelor of Computer
Osama Falah Mackieolder ProgrammerBachelor of Computer
Rehman Nahi Obaidolder ProgrammerBachelor of Computer
Methal Hadi JaberProgrammerBachelor of Computer
Hassanein Ali AbbasProgrammerBachelor of Computer
Mohamed KamelProgrammer Bachelor of Computer
Somare Mohammed Khalil Programmer Bachelor of Computer
Khaldoun Hassan Abdul Amir M.Programmer Bachelor of Computer
Haider Fares Naji M.ProgrammerBachelor of Computer
Ali Sadiq HussainM.ProgrammerBachelor of Computerت
Basma Mehdi HusseiniHead ResearchersBachelor of Applied Science
Mohsen Bader MohsentechnicianDiploma Of Computer